Our Story

In October of the year 2000, a group of young entrepreneurs established MEGA SOFT HYGIENIC PRODUCTS, INC. The company aims to provide Filipino women with alternative, affordable, feminine products now known as SISTERS SANITARY NAPKIN AND PANTYLINER. The venture began with a plant set-up in the Philippines.

In March 2001, product pipelining commenced. Distributors were initially appointed in Mindanao. The effort proved successful; thus, distributorship assignments in Visayas and Luzon soon ensued. By November 2002, the company’s thrust was directed to the Greater Manila Area. To date, SISTERS SANITARY NAPKIN AND PANTYLINERS are available in all trade channels nationwide.

In 2006, the company aims to provide Filipino mommies with alternative, affordable, diaper products now known as TWINS and TWINS LAMPEIN BABY DIAPER. The venture also began with a plant set-up in the Philippines. To date, TWINS AND TWINS LAMPEIN BABY DIAPER is available in all trade channels nationwide.

Our Goal


Provide Filipinos with innovative and high quality products available in different trade channels, Empower our employees with responsible leadership, as well as an engaging culture that supports excellence, provides growth opportunities and allows for work-life balance, Build partnership with our distributors, honored with respect and highest professional conduct, expanding our business growth better than overall market growth. Support our communities with outreach efforts, responsible citizenship and support for the environment.


As a corporate entity, Mega Soft Hygienic Products, Inc.’s vision is to become the market leader in the consumer products category. It envisions acquiring the most competent employees in the industry by providing challenging opportunities in an environment that reinforces individual, as well as collective growth and development by encouraging rewarding individual initiative, balanced with risk, entrepreneural spirit and teamwork. It imposes the highest degree of integrity among it’s employees in dealing with consumers and partners alike.

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

Philippians 4:13